Wes Studi - Somebody's Daughter

and the MMIW Crisis

Wes Studi - Somebody's Daughter

"After watching Somebody’s Daughter, these are the thoughts that fevered my brain for several hours.

I don’t know that there are words in any language, or actions in any form that help alleviate the misery spoken about in the form of missing and murdered sisters in existence today.


The search for a solution begins with first knowing the crisis exists! We may well know the history of abuse our women have suffered since contact (as pointed out in the film), but what have we learned from the experience? Why do we continue to put ourselves in harm’s way?

Is it simply a matter of survival? Putting food on the table? Clothing our children? Finding shelter? Taking the opportunity to enjoy life? To party? To feel good? To provide?


Does it have to be so dangerous to find money that affords us a chance to have these things? Must our sisters have to step out into a world filled with monsters ready to use them for their own convenience and comfort as our sisters hunt for supplies for their own survival? What kind of world have we created for our children?


There is no comfort in knowing we have no answers. There is no comfort in hearing the statistics. There is no comfort in watching Somebody’s Daughter. There is no comfort in knowing somebody’s daughter is missing or murdered - but the search for a solution begins with knowing a crisis exists!"

Wes Studi - Oscar-winning Native American Actor
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