A high-quality and recognizable campaign face for Somebody's Daughter is important.

You are responsible for publicizing your event, using the branded digital materials which we can supply. When your screening date is approved you will be given access to poster, flier and digital social media materials which you can download and adapt with your own information.


​​All our materials can be adapted using a free account at, or any other Photoshop/Design program. 

Canva is a drag-and-drop app which is easy for ANYONE to use, whether you have design skills or not. We have included easy to follow instructions in our publicity materials sheet.

NOTE - If you don’t have a design person to adapt materials, just let us know. We can offer a fully customized package for just $25.

If you would like to create your own advertising materials for your screening of Somebody’s Daughter, you are welcome to do so, but only in accordance with our guidlines. We ask that you:

  • Use only the imagery we have supplied in the marketing package. Additional imagery should not be added unless you are able to incorporate it into the style and images we supply. (Examples are supplied in our publicity package info)


  • Do NOT screenshot images from our website or off the internet to use in your designs – we have high quality files which we are happy to give you. No cost, just a few extra minutes to make sure we are all presenting the film at its best.


  • Adhere to our colors and fonts - all information is available on our publicity package info - downloadable HERE:

  • Include the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana’s logo – as executive producers of the film they deserve recognition; the film would not have been made without them. All materials must also display the Alter-NativeMedia logo.
    Please note, we have left space for your own logo.


​​About logo use: 

We understand some venues are seeking sponsorship for their screenings but you may not associate ANY corporate logo to Somebody’s Daughter which we do not know about - it is crucial that we know who is involved with your event. Tribal logos, schools/colleges are fine, but because it is not unusual for corporate interests use events like this to boost their sometimes shady reputations, we may consider them inappropriate and we reserve the right not to associate with them.

Please email/Dropbox your work to the Somebody’s Daughter office for final approval before publishing.

Note: Dropbox is a free document sharing space - same kind of thing as google drive, and it is where our publicity materials live in easily accessible folders. Once you have an account, you can access anything you need and download it with ease.

You can sign up for a FREE account here

Please download and read our publicity materials info sheet