Somebody's Daughter Screened in the New Mexico State Legislature for Indigenous Women's Day


The 2018 Urban Indian Health Institute report into MMIW found that New Mexico is the state with the highest incidences of MMIW cases in the US. Albuquerque is ranked second among cities with the high rates of MMIW cases. For Indigenous Women's Day, February 13, the New Mexico State Senate recognized Somebody's Daughter and Senator Shannon Pinto presented a screening of the film in the Capitol and presentations in the Rotunda.

New Mexico Senator Shannon Pinto

Senator Shannon Pinto presented Somebody's Daughter at the New Mexico State Senate. 

"Somebody's Daughter will make a great impact on the MMIWG/MMIP tragedy. The history presented in the film provides a realization of how patient the indigenous community has been waiting for positive change, for greater awareness, for the attention this human rights crisis demands. That patience has almost been internalized. Today, that patience with this issue must culminate in action. No more excuses! That's the message from Somebody's Daughter."

 Senator Shannon Pinto.


Cameron L. Martinez Jr

Also played at the New Mexico State Legislature was Shoot'nStars/WarriorPlayLand Creation by Cameron L. Martinez Jr.  Don't miss this song; it's a remarkable and moving listening experience.

This video which is in honor of all Indigenous women, was originally created for Patricia Michaels' fashion show at the 2019 Indian Market. 


Protect your Mother, Protect the Earth, Support Indigenous Women.


Cameron L Martinez Jr sends special thanks to all the wonderful native ladies, young and old, that are featured in this video.
Song Composed by Donna Concha of Taos Pueblo and sung by the Taos Pueblo Harmony Singers:
Mary A. Martinez, Michelle Concha, Donna Concha, Kathryn Martinez, Chenoa Velarde, Lydia Lujan, and Julia Okanee.


Also, thank you to Kristina Maldonado Bad Hand and Kevin Butcher for their contributions to this creation and special thanks to Jester RedEagle over at the Orchard.