FAQs: Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women

What is the MMIW movement?


Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) is a recent movement to bring recognition to the disappearance and murders of Native women and girls; many in the movement also include two spirit and trans persons under the term. While the movement is new, the issue of MMIW is not.


Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

MMIW stands for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women—a movement to raise awareness about the epidemic of native women going missing or being killed. The red hand symbolizes the voices of these women being silenced. 


How many MMIW cases are there?

The numbers, such as a total of 5712 cases of missing and murdered indigenous women, focus primarily on people living off reservations or native land.


Who started MMIW?

One such advocacy group is MMIW-Texas, created in the Winter of 2018 by Jodi Voice Yellowfish (Oglala Lakota, Muscogee Creek, and Cherokee) with her sister, Snowy Voice.

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